Mind Mapping Software, 1977-style!

Mind mapping software is getting more and more attention these days, and Chuck Frey does a great job of keeping us all up-to-date with the latest ideas and developments on his Mind Mapping Software Blog. But back in the days when I started studying computer science, if I’d heard the words “mind mapping software”, I might have interpreted them a little differently. Just for fun, I thought I’d show you how I was “mind mapping Software” back in 1977 (together with Hardware and Applications). This is a mind map I drew in June 1977 to summarise my first-year Computer Science course at Aston University. 

UPDATE – SEPTEMBER 2020: Time marches on – and so does software development! Chuck Frey is still going strong, and he recently took part in a fascinating and informative conversation with Liam Hughes of Biggerplate that will be of interest to anyone who has been involved with mind mapping software over the years. Watch it here: Interview with Chuck Frey.

Meanwhile, my pioneering 1977 mind map recently appeared in a video presentation I made for a new Facebook group, “The Mind Mapping Expert Group”. In this 15-minute video, I discuss my personal history with mind mapping and include several examples of practical applications of mind mapping: Graham's Mind Mapping Story
If you’re interested in developing your mind mapping skills, I would encourage you to explore The Mind Mapping Expert Group.

As a Scot who has recently returned home after many years away, I was interested to learn that the people behind MindGenius, a mind mapping application popular in project management, are also based in Scotland. The MindGenius team have just published a timely article entitled How To Set Productive Goals using Mind Maps? I think you will find it instructive.

To be continued...!

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